Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) is the buying and selling of products or goods over an electronic system such as the internet. In short, an online shop. With over 22 million online customers e-Commerce has become widely used. Our e-Commerce solution provides a complete way for you to manage your online shop. You will have full control over products, departments, manufacturers and much more with our poweful e-Commerce Content Management System (CMS).

CMS managed websiteUsing all of the features from our CMS we include additional tools to allow you to sell your products online. With our easy to use system you can manage your products down to the very smallest detail. Our clients need powerful e-Commerce websites that have the technology to drive customers to their sites with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) interface.

Here's a list of features included in our e-Commerce package:

  • All content is 100% manageable through our CMS
  • Online membership system to keep your users updated on special offers and other important information
  • 100% secure online payment system
  • Create and edit products, product options, prices, sales, descriptions and much more
  • Create and edit delivery methods, prices, and locations
  • Create and edit departments and manufacturers
  • Create and edit voucher codes and control their usage
  • View all orders, statuses and specific order details
  • All websites professionally designed by our expert design team

To discuss e-Commerce further or for a full list of features please talk with us